Buckwheat or Kuttu Flour Poori




Ingredients (for 2 serving)




  • Buckwheat (kuttu) flour 1 cup
  • Potatoes or Arbi - 2 medium sized potatoes or 5-6 Arbi boiled


Method - How to buckwheat (kuttu) atta Poori


  • Filtered flour from the sieve into a pot
  • Peel and grate arbi or potato and mix in the flour and knead without using water.
  • Make small boll of the kneaded flour.
  • Take two plastic transparent sheets and apply oil on only one side of the both sheets.
  • Put the flour balls in between the sheets and roll like a puri.
  • Pour oil in a deep fry pan and now deep fry puri till it becomes golden brown.
  • Take out the puri from the pan and put in a napkin so the extra oil should be absorbed by the napkin.
  • Make the puri of all bolls like above and serve hot with potato curry.


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