Raw Mango Kheer


2 Raw mango (Totapari mang)

½ litre full cream milk

100 ml condensed milk

100 gram sugar

10 almonds (chopped)

10 pistachios  (chopped)

2 pinch green cardamom powder

Few thread saffron


Method (How to make raw mango kheer at home)

Peel the mangoes the great with thick greater,  Squeeze  out all the juice from the mango.

Add one glass water to the mango and the boil for 5-6 min. switch off the flame and put mango pulp in a sieve and drain water wash mango under the running water  till all sourness gone.

Boil milk till half of the quantity add mango, condensed milk and sugar cook for 10-12 minutes on low flame. Add cardamom powder and chopped almonds and pistachios.


When cool down completely, keep it in the fridge and serve chilled.