Gond Ke Laddu




  • 200 g gond
  • 1 cup wheat flour
  • 2 cups sugar
  •  1 cup ghee
  •  50 g almonds
  •  10 small cardamom



  • Break the gond crystals in small pieces
  • Take a fry pan and fry the gond until they pop bigger.    
  • Put the ghee in a frying pan heat it and fry the gond until they become more popped.
  • Take out the fried gond from the pan.
  • Take the flour and fry in the same pan with the remaining ghee till light golden color.
  • Now chopped the almonds in thin sliced and make the powder of the cardamom.
  • After cooling the fried gond grind it.
  • Take sugar and water in a pan and make the sugar syrup, let the syrup to be boiled.
  • Now check the syrup is ready by putting a drop on a plate, if it is ready then it will be freeze immediately.
  • Mix well gond, fried flour, almonds, cardamom powder in the syrup
  • Let the mixture to be little cool and make the small laddus of the mixture.
  • Let the laddus to be in open air for 1-2 hr.
  • Now laddus are ready can serve and store in an air tight box.