Fresh Coconut khoya burfi - Nariyal Mawa Burfi



  • 1 small size fresh coconut

  • 100 gram khoya

  • ¾ cup sugar

  • ½ tsp cardamom powder



Method(How to make fresh coconut and mawa burfi)

  • Break the fresh coconut, discard water and remove the meat of coconut.

  • Make the fine powder with fresh coconut.

  • Add sugar and ¼ cup water and boil till one thread consistency syrup.

  • Add khoya and mix well.

  • Add coconut and cardamom powder and cook till mixture leaves pan and burfi consistency.

  • Grease one try with ghee and pour mixture in the try, spread evenly.

  • Let it to cool down completely and cut into square pieces.

  • Serve tasty coconut khoya burfi.