Coconut Kheer 



Ingredients (for 4 servings)

1 tender Coconut

1 liter full cream milk

½  cup sugar

1/4 tsp green cardamom powder

1 tbsp chopped almonds

1 tbsp chopped pistachios (pista)

10-12  strands saffron (Soak in 1 tbsp warm milk)

1 tsp ghee


Method (How to make Coconut Kheer)


Break coconut, and reserve the water in a glass.

Grate the pulp of coconut. Keep them aside.

Heat milk in a heavy bottom pan, bring it to boil. Boil on  medium and continue heating until  milk gets reduced to its half.

Heat ghee in a pan and fry coconut for few minutes or little brown.

Then, add grated Coconut to milk and stir it firmly until it again started boiling. Cook on low heat for about 15 mins.

Add sugar, cardamom, saffron milk, almonds and pistachios. Stir it well until the desire consistency  of milk,  turn off the heat.

Serve Coconut Kheer hot or let it get cool at room temperature.

You can also refrigerate Coconut kheer for 1 hour and serve it chilled.



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