Kebab spinach ( Palak Ke Kabab ) - Palak Kabab


  •          250 grams of spinach leaves
  •          ½ cup chana dal
  •          cloves 2
  •          1 inch piece cinnamon
  •          4-5 grains of pepper
  •          2 tbsp rice flour
  •          ½ cup bread crumbs
  •          Salt to taste
  •          Oil to fry kebab

Kebab ingredients for the filling in of

  •          Cheese 100 gram grated
  •          1 tbs raisins
  •          1 tbs finely chopped cashews
  •          Salt to taste


  •  soakedchanna dal in water for half an hour, clean and washed well the spinach leaf and cut finely.
  •  in a cooker put, dal, a cup of water, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, and salt and cook for one whistle after that on low flame cook another 5-6 minutes.
  •  After cooling the cooker remove the water from the dal and grind dal and spinach with a hand blender or grinder.
  •  now mix the rice flour in the mixture and Make 10-12 equal piece of the mixture.
  •  For filiing Mix together grated Paneer, salt, pepper powder, raisins, cashew and devide 10-12 equal part.
  •  Now take a 1 piece Dal mixture and fill the 1 part of filling mixture and make it shape like a kabab.
  •  Now roll the kabab over the bread cramps, make all the kabab like that.
  •  Heat a little oil in a non stick pan and fry all the kakab till golden brown. Fry all the kakab.
  •  Serve hot with green chutney and chopped onions.