Dahi ke Kabab


1 cup Hung curd

2-3 tbls Roasted gram flour

2-3 tbls Corn flour                                                         

2 pinch Black pepper powder

Salt as per taste

Oil or ghee - 2-3 tbsp

1 tsp ginger, chopped

1 tsp green chilli, chopped

1 teaspoon fresh coriander leaves, chopped

How to make Hung Curd

Take 500 grams fresh curd and cover it with muslin cloth. Tie it tightly and hang for 3-4 hours. Place any bowl beneath, all excess water will get drained out in the bowl and very thick curd will be left in the cloth. The left over curd is hung curd.

How to make Dahi Kebab Recipe

Divide dough into small portions and fill each portion with the prepared mixture.Take hung curd in a big bowl, add roasted gram  powder, green coriander, green chilly, black pepper, ginger and salt. Mix all ingredients nicely. Mixture for making kabab is ready. Take out corn flour in any big flat plate.

Put some corn flour on your hands and take 1 tbsp mixture. Give a round shape and flatten it with your palm. Now coat this ball with corn flour very nicely and place it in another plate. Like wise prepare all kabab’s.

Heat a non stick tawa. Take 2-3 tsp oil on tawa and place the prepared kabab’s on tawa for shallow frying. Keep the flame medium and low and turn the side once it gets golden brown from beneath. Cook from other side as well.

Take out the fried kabab’s in a plate. Dahi kabab is ready. Serve with mint chutney or coriander chutney or tomato sauce.



Roasted chana powder can be replaced with gram flour. Roast it without ghee and mix it in the curd.