Besan Coconut Barfi


1 cup gram flour

1 cup powdered coconut

1 cup sugar

½ cup ghee

½ cup of water

¼ cup mawa

5-6 Cardamom Powder

10-12 cashew nuts and pistachios


Heat the ghee in the pan and fry the cashew nuts, remove it and same pan add the gram flour and fry on low flame until it becomes light brownish and aromatic.

Take out the gram flour from the frying pan and the same pan add coconut dry roast for 1 min.

Make a sugar syrup of the single thread consistency in the same pan add mawa and mix well.

Add the gram flour, coconut and cardamom powder. Add cashew nuts and cook on low flame for a while, when the gram flour leaves the pan and becomes like freezing consistency, turn off the gas and pour the mixture into a greased plate and flat it with spatula add chopped pistachios and lightly press. .

Allow it to cool down completely, cut into desired shape and serve the cut.