Amla Candy – Goosebeery Candy



½  kg Amla ( 16 - 18 pieces)

300 gms Sugar

2 tbls powdered sugar


Method (How to make amla candy at home)

Boil water in a large vessel. 

When water starts boiling add all the amlas in the boiling water. (Put the amlas only when water starts boiling)

Boil amlas in the boiling water for 2 minutes. Switch off the flame.

Let it stay in the boiling water for 2-3 more minutes and strain the amlas. Allow it to cool.  

When they become cool completely, cut them using knife. 

Put these amlas in a large vessel, pour 300gms of sugar so that it covers the amlas entirely.

Powdered sugar will be used later on after amlas sun dried.

Close the vessel and keep it aside for 3 days. 

After First day sugar gets turned into syrup and amla pieces will be floating in the syrup. Stir the syrup and cover keep it aside for 2 more days.

After third day amla settles down at the bottom of the vessel and syrup at the top. Sieve the amla pieces and put them in sunlight to dry. 

Sun dry these pieces for 3- 4 days till it turns brown in color.

After drying coat these amla pieces with powdered sugar.

Amla sugar candy is ready to use. Store it in air tight containers and consume 1 - 2 pieces everyday.


(Syrup you can use as a amla sherbet mix water and ice cubes amla sherbet is ready.)