Sesame Laddu - Til ke ladoo




·         Sesame 300g

·         jaggery 300 g

·         2 tablespoons Ghee




Roast the sesame seed in a heavy bottom pan on medium flame till light brown. Please stir continuously because the sesame seed burn very quickly and become bitter in taste.


 Break jaggery into little pieces. Put a tbs spoon Ghee in a frying pan and heatput the piece of jaggery and mix thoroughly on slow flame. On melting the molasses turn off the gas immediately.


Put sesame in melted jaggery and mix well. The mixture for the sesame laddus is ready.


Greas your hands with ghee, take a little  mixtureabout one tbsp and make the laddus. Make the laddus while the mixture is little hot otherwise it is difficult to make the laddus when the mixture will become cool.


Leave the laddus 4-5 hours in the open air. Now the laddus are ready to serve and can store in a air tight container.