Sesame Seeds And Peanut Chikki Or Gajak



  • 1 cup peanut

  • 1 cup white mole

  • 1 cup jaggery

  • 1 teaspoon ghee

Method (How to make sesame seeds and peanut chikki or gajak)









  • Put the peanut in the pan and dry roast till crispy, turn off the gas and allow the peanut to cool down completely.

  • Dry roast sesame seed till colour change.

  • Put peanut on some cotton cloth and remove the skin by rubbing them.

  • Make coarse powder of peanuts and sesame seeds.

  • Put one spoon of ghee in the pan and let the jaggery melted, cook jaggery for 3-4 minutes. Put a drop of jaggery in water and check it should be very crispy. This is a very important step, when the jaggery becomes stiff, then only we have to process further step, otherwise cook some more time.

  • Put peanuts and sesame seeds powder into the jaggery and mix well.

  • Take a plate or wooden board grease with ghee and pour all mixture and roll it with rolling pin make marks for cutting and keep aside for cool down completely.

  • After being fully cooled, make the pieces.

  • Chikki or gajak is ready keep them in the airtight container and keep it fresh for a whole month.