Sesame Seed Laddu - Till Ke Laddu


500 gram white sesameseed (Till)

500 gram khoya ya mawa

500 gram powderedSugar

1/2 tsp green cardamonpowder

Method (How to make Til Khoya Laddoo)

Roast tillin a wok on low flame till light brown, remove from the wok and allow it tocool down.

Now put khoya in the wokand roastkhoya on low flame till it turns light golden in color. Allow it to cool.

Now coarsely grind the tillin mixer.

Now mix till, khoya,sugar powder, cardamon powder in a big bowl. and make lemon size laddu withthe mixer.

Til Khoya Ladoo is ready to serve.

You can store in airtight container for 1 week.