Stuffed Parwal - Bharwa Parwal

Ingredients: (for 4 servings)

250 gms – Parwal

1 large onion

2 tsp - oil

8-10 garlic cloves

3-4 green chilles

1/4 tsp fenugreek seed

1/4 tsp cumin seeds

1 tbsp coriander seeds

1 tsp turmaric

1 tsp dry mango powder

2 tbsp - chopped coriander leaves


Scrap the peel of the parwal and slit it length- wise. Scoop out the seeds if seeds are very hard throw away.

Roast cumins seed, fenugreek seed, and coriander seed.

Now grind roasted seeds, garlic, onion, soft seed of parwal and green chilles add salt, dry mango powder and turmeric and mix well. Stuffing is ready

Now stuff each parwal with the stuffing and keep aside.

Heat oil in kadhai, put the stuffed parwal and cover with the lid and cook on a low flame till parwal are done from both sides.

Stuffed parwal is ready serve hot with paratha or dal chawal.