Moong Dal Badi


1 cup yellow split Moong dal    

2 tsp oil

2-3 big size Plates

Method (How to make Moong dal Badi)

Clean and wash dal with clean water then soak in drinking water for 2-3 hours.

After 2-3 hours drainall the water and make a coarse paste of the dal without adding any extra water.

Beat the paste rigorously, the mix is ready to make Dal Badi.

Grease clean-dry plates with oil. Take dal mixture in your hand, in the same way you would take besan or dal paste while making Pakoras.

Drop small small paste on the plate to make vadi.

Make as many Badiya that will fit in 1 plate, after 1 plate is filled, make in another plate. Make Badiya till the entire paste is used up, then place these plates out in the sun.

If the sun's heat is strong then it will take two days to dry up. 

Once Badiya dry up, it becomes very easy to remove them from the plate.

Moong Dal Badiya are dried and ready. Fill them in a clean and dry containerand put them every month in the sun and can use up to 6 months.