Mysore Pak



  • 1 cup gram flour

  • 2 cup ghee

  • 2 cup sugar

  • 1 cup water



Method (How to make mysore pak for Diwali)

  • Mix water and sugar and boil it till sugar dissolve

  • Cook without stirring for about five minutes or till it reaches single thread consistency.

  • Add half of the ghee into the sugar syrup and mix nicely.

  • Sieve the gram flour two time.

  • Add gram flour gradually stirring all the while to prevent any lump formation.  

  • Cook on medium flame and Stir continuously with whisk. Mix until smooth paste.

  • Now start adding ghee slowly and add 2-3 tbsp at a time.

  • Keep stirring until the ghee mixes and then add the next batch of ghee and repeat until all ghee finish.

  • Keep on stirring continuously till the mixture starts bubbling and you get a pleasant sweet and a roasted gram flour aroma. Pour this on the greased tray. 

  • Wait until warm and cut into desired shape. Let it cool down completely before transferring to the container.