Potato Macaroni Curry


Ingredients (for 3-4 servings)

1 cup macaroni

4 medium size tomato

2 medium size potato

1 large onion finely chopped

3 tbsp oil

2 ½ cup water

1 tbsp coriander powder

½ tsp chilli powder

½ tsp turmeric powder

½ tsp garam masala

½ tsp cumin seeds powder

Salt as per taste

2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves



Heat oil in a pressure cooker, add chopped onion and fry till light brown, add potato and fry for few minutes add tomato, salt and spices and cook for 2-3 minutes or till tomato mashed.

Add macaroni and water and pressure cook for 2 whistle, shimmer for 3-4 minutes switch off the flame.

When the pressure is out, open the lid.

Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and serve hot with paratha or steam rice.



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