Vanilla Ice Cream


1 cups fresh cream

1½ cup full cream milk

1 tbsp corn starch

1/2 cupsugar
1 tsp vanilla essence

Method (How to make ice cream at home)

Mix corn starch in a half cup of milk and keep aside.

Boil remaining milk in broad pan add sugar and cornstarch mixture and mix well. Boil for 3-4 minutes and remove from the heat wait for cool down completely

After cool down add cream and vanilla essence and whisk them together.

Pour into a shallow container. Cover and freeze for 4 to 6 hours till it is almost set.

Remove from the freezer and Blend in a blender till all the ice crystals are broken down and no lumps remain.

Transfer the mixture back into the shallow container. Cover and freeze till it has set again.

Scoop and serve immediately.